Finding Our Motivation in Music

Music is a universal language that we all speak. It evokes a range of emotions. It expresses our mood. It examines our thoughts. Music has a unique ability to join people together like nothing else on earth. Without it, life would not be the same. It’s one of the reasons we appreciate having clients like The Cabaret and Piano Solutions. Their love and appreciation for various musical art forms brings more to our lives and our work. And we all need that—especially when we are under stress or in the midst of so much uncertainty.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where it feels like there’s nothing new in our days, music is a great way to keep moving, encourage creativity and seek inspiration. I asked the team to share their go-to tunes when they need to get psyched up and motivated. The emails came in quickly—because music is inspirational to us all. I enjoyed seeing their selections and was surprised at the selections of friends and associates I’ve worked alongside for years.  It was so fun to see everyone’s songs and have a peek into each person’s musical tastes. I hope you enjoy their list below. Add these to your playlists—and send some our way, too.

Find your inspiration. Get in your groove and let’s rock this quarantine together. Rock on.

Name that Tune—And Who It Inspires

Email your guesses to We’ll send a $25 Gift card to the first person who pairs the music selection with the Links team member who favors it.

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