Putting our Virtual Model to the Test

At Links, we’ve been putting the virtual model to the test for 15 years now. We have always been dispersed, with every team member working from the comfort of their own home office. So, as many companies are forced to embrace remote working amidst COVID-19, we wanted to share some of our best tips.

  1. Dress for success. Looking good is feeling good! That’s why I (Lori) still get ready for the day every day. It motivates me to dig in and get going. Plus, who wants to get caught on a video call looking like they just woke up?
  2. From our copywriter who tends to shower mid-day: Brush your hair before getting on a video call. (Although her messy mop seems to inspire her creativity.)
  3. Make room for your four-legged office mates. Animals have a way of lowering your stress level and providing a calming presence—much needed right now. And it’s fun to see each other’s pets during a video call.
  4. Be ready with the mute button. Dogs don’t care if you’re on a call if they see a squirrel outside, so be prepared to hide the howling.
  5. Laugh at family antics. With a husband and young kids now all home bound, client advocate Leslie has had to laugh at the interruptions that have occurred on camera for all to see. While she’s used to working from home, she’s not used to a houseful while she’s doing it. Laugh—this too shall pass.
  6. Break away. Motivation and meditation are key, so know when to take a break…because you can!
  7. (De)magnify your movements. The littlest movement—such as shuffling a paper—can come across very loud during phone and video calls, so either don’t multi-task, or do it on mute!
  8. Enjoy the care-free “cat-itude” and spontaneous art direction of office mates. Foxy, our creative director, is hoping her cat inspires her next big idea!

All light-hearted joking aside, we realize this is a HUGE adjustment during the COVID-19 crisis—particularly since child care options are eliminated, and kids are at home (and doing e-learning!) at the same time. We recognize that the shift to working from home is complicated and exhausting for many right now. If we can help, just give us a shout. And if you just want to connect with another adult, we’re happy to “meet” you via Go to Meeting or Zoom or Teams for a cup of java (or a glass of wine, depending on the time).

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